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Welcome to The Lobby Kitchen & Bar, your casual hangout spot. Whether it's catching the big game, the after work getaway, your timeout from reality, or the weekend clubhouse. Whatever the reason, meet at The Lobby.

Can't make it to trivia night? No problem! You can always plany along from home. Just open up our and your .

Live Teams:🥇 Beer and Nachos for Your Team X2🥈 Beer and Nachos for Your Team X1🥉 Promotional Glassware🎲 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th will compete for one more prize🏆 Season top ten get three pitchers, top three get seven Season Finale: March 27th Season Windup: April 3rd
Online Teams:Nothing but trivia glory... for now...

2545 S Broad St,
Regina, SK

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